Supporting the long-term beauty, and health of your smile as a mercury-free dental practice

The office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, prides itself on developing strong relationships with individuals and their families in Boynton Beach and greater southeastern Florida. Our professional dental hygienists build these relationships on a healthy habit of regular check-ups and cleanings. During these periodic visits, we can catch problems early and intervene before they cause damage or further damage that leads to the loss of the teeth, supportive bone, and soft tissues. 

When smaller cavities or earlier-stage tooth decay are detected, we can recommend quality dental restorations. These restorative options include mercury-free composite resin fillings. 

Treating cavities 

When starches and sugars in the foods we eat are not brushed or flossed away, oral bacteria feed off these lingering food particles. This process leads to the development of plaque. If sticky bacterial plaque is not removed, it builds up and can harden to form stubborn tartar or calculus. Plaque contains acids, which erode the tooth from its outermost protective enamel layer to the innermost pulp tissue. This process is called tooth decay. 

Cavities are a form of tooth decay, characterized by holes or openings on the hard surfaces of the teeth. Smaller or earlier-stage cavities may not have any accompanying symptoms; however, a larger and more advanced cavity is associated with heightened sensitivity, toothaches, stains on the tooth’s surface, and eroded areas that are noticeable in your smile. 

Dental fillings are a “go-to” treatment for many cavities. They involve applying a prepared dental material to the damaged area (after the area has been cleaned) and then securing the material or filling to the natural tooth. So, the filling literally “fills in” the hole or opening produced by tooth decay. The structure of the tooth is restored. 

Traditional filling materials have included silver-colored amalgam fillings. These fillings are made from a mix of metals and mercury. As one of the few mercury-free dental centers in the Boynton Beach area, our office only places fillings made from non-metals. These materials include a tooth-like composite resin. Dental composites can be perfectly color-matched to blend in with natural tooth structure. No unsightly silver teeth are present in your smile! 

Composite fillings retain their beauty and strength. They also preserve the utmost tooth structure and, for this reason, are considered to be a conservative alternative to dental amalgams. Patients with metal sensitivities or concerns over adverse reactions to metallic substances are well-served by this cosmetic and non-toxic fillings alternative. 

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A practice you can trust 

Dr. Alexander is also skilled at removing old or worn “silver” mercury fillings. He takes great care to ensure that the amalgam is removed safely. The use of tooth-colored resin materials is “technique-sensitive,” which means that the result or outcome from cavity treatment depends on the skill and experience of the person who designs and places the filling. Here, too, Dr. Alexander is meticulous and precise. He ensures damaged tissue is removed thoroughly and gently and that the resin is artfully prepared and secured in a way that enhances the tooth’s appearance and strengthens it. 

What more could you ask for than a dentist with extensive training on the latest and safest dental materials and methods and who won’t break your bank? 

Get to know our healthier, long-lasting, and cosmetically-appealing approach to dental fillings and restorative care. Call our office today at (561) 739-4778.