Expect the unexpected (in a good way!) with our unique approach to comprehensive exams

Are you an “experienced” dental patient? Has it been a while since your last visit? Are you a “newbie”? Regardless of your previous relationship with dentistry or your life stage, we at the office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, are here for you! Dr. Alexander is dedicated to introducing patients to a new, better dental experience. 

Notably, many of our first-time visitors find that our exam process is much more comprehensive than the “cursory dental check-up” they may have expected at other offices in Boynton Beach, southeastern Florida, and well beyond. Dr. Alexander’s genuine caring shows – in everything from the unhurried time that he devotes to each visit to the warmth that patients feel and the value they get from each appointment. 

A true partnership 

It is essential to get to know each patient individually, and as more than a set of teeth and gums. This requires engagement and represents a “two-way street.” We encourage you to be open with us and to share your concerns. We are a safe space, a “judgment-free” zone. To best serve and support you, we must get to the bottom of any previous experiences with dentistry that could potentially impact how you perceive and react to dental treatment now. We are forward-thinking and forward-moving. So, naturally, we urge you to share your goals, expectations, and preferences with us. Collectively, this information provides invaluable insight and goes a long way toward instilling trust. After all, we want you to feel comfortable and to keep coming back to our office for the exams and proactive care you need to be in your best health. 

Dr. Alexander’s approach to the exam is highly communicative. He will not go silent and leave you wondering about what is going on. Instead, he talks you through every step of the exam. When patients are well-informed, they make decisions that are in their long-term best interests. 

Happy patient with the doctor

Our unique process

After speaking with you, we will gather information about your oral and maxillofacial health. The examination generally starts from outside of your head and neck region. We gently “palpate” (feel by touch) the chewing muscles, jaw joints, and other areas of your face and neck. The gums and soft oral tissues are further evaluated, as is the condition of each tooth. We take great care to note if existing dental work needs to be repaired or replaced. For instance, we may find old or worn-down fillings and crowns, a situation that increases the risk of deep decay. Without proper and prompt treatment, the damage could lead to tooth loss.

Dr. Alexander has refined his skill in detecting and resolving malocclusion or misalignment. So, he carefully assesses how your opposing teeth come together when you bite down and the function of the teeth and interconnected jaw joints and tissues. Esthetic concerns may also be discussed along the way. We like to think of this as a “tour” of your mouth, whereby we go along for the ride as you point out the things you would like to change about your smile.

As needed, appropriate X-rays will be ordered to “see” what cannot be detected with the naked eye. Based on specific concerns and needs, digital photos of your face and teeth may also be taken, as well as impressions or models of your mouth (used to fabricate oral appliances and restorations). 

A plan for good health 

Information is power. From everything we have gathered, we form a thoughtful plan forward. Another appointment is scheduled to discuss our findings and how to meet your goals. Preventive services, such as professional cleanings, can be scheduled before or at the same time as the next visit (and as needed). Did we mention the initial consultation is FREE? Yes, that’s right! There is no time like the present to look, feel, and be better and healthier. Schedule your visit at our office today by calling (561) 739-4778.