Gentle, skilled cleanings and check-ups support a lifetime of healthy smiles and good health!

The office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, in Boynton Beach, Florida, is committed to highly personalized care and ongoing patient support. This dedication shows in our professional dental cleanings and check-ups. These routine visits are fundamental to maintaining and restoring oral health. Since oral health is so connected to overall health and well-being, the benefits of check-ups transcend an attractive and healthy smile! 

Comfortable, thorough dental cleanings 

Our dental hygienists apply their special training and tools to remove harmful plaque build-up. When plaque is not removed from the teeth, it hardens into stubborn tartar or calculus. Tartar erodes the teeth and triggers a destructive process that erodes the gums. Gummy tissue surrounds, protects, and attaches our teeth to it. So, it is vital to the structural integrity and health of the teeth.

Advanced tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease lead to tooth loss if not treated promptly and properly. During your cleaning appointment, or “prophylaxis,” we discuss and demonstrate recommendations for home care that are ingenious and tailored to your unique needs. When in the kind and skilled hands of our technicians Tammy and Vicki, your comfort throughout the cleaning is supported. A gentle touch is essential; teeth may be sensitive, and gums may be painful if inflammation is present. We need you to have a good experience. That way, you will keep coming back to us for the follow-up appointments and ongoing hygiene visits that you need. These visits contribute heavily and favorably to your long-term health and quality of life. 

Speaking of active disease, patients may require more thorough cleanings depending on their needs. Earlier-stage gum disease can be resolved with a “deep clean,” Scaling and Root Planing (SRP). Bacteria, plaque, and other harmful substances are removed below the gum line and root surfaces are smoothed. Rough root surfaces attract bacteria. In turn, the SRP process eradicates destructive bacteria and encourages gum healing and rejuvenation. 

Woman showing her perfect straight white teeth

Dental check-ups

No visit for a professional cleaning would be complete without Dr. Alexander taking a look inside your mouth. During these exams, he will look for certain trouble signs. Assessments include: 

Screening for oral cancers – He will examine the head, neck and intraoral areas visually, by touch, and with cutting-edge diagnostics. Pre-cancers and cancerous lesions can arise in areas such as along the gums, cheeks, tongue, and throat

Periodontal screening for gum health – Dr. Alexander pinpoints the presence of gingival inflammation or infection. He and our hygienists can use specialized instruments to measure the depth of the spaces that form between the teeth and gums as the disease takes hold. These periodontal pockets provide insight into the extent of damage to the gums, information which further informs our treatment planning

Check for dental caries or cavities – We can detect even early-stage enamel erosion and look for signs of damage to visible areas such as the biting surfaces

Occlusion screening for “bite” – Your “bite” refers to the relationship between the opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws and how they touch when you close your mouth. Dr. Alexander has developed a particular interest and expertise in this area. So, you can trust his accurate diagnostics and options to address malocclusion or misalignment

We always build in the time to address all questions. No question is silly to us! We pride ourselves in non-judgmental, authentically kind, and fear-free dentistry. 

Furthermore, patients always leave our office in Boynton Beach, Florida, with a clear idea of the state of their oral health and what to do next to enhance or sustain their healthy, eye-catching smiles. 

Do not wait for changes to develop to how your teeth look or feel before you schedule a check-up. Book your visit today by calling the office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, at (561) 739-4778.