We make over smiles (and lives) with an array of precision-fit and modern dentures options

Dentures are the “original dental makeover.” And these prosthetic teeth and gums have withstood the test of time. They remain an attractive choice for patients with aching teeth or gaps in their smiles. Led by Dr. Jamie Alexander at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, our team in Boynton Beach, Florida, takes great pride in designing removable partial and complete dentures that look and feel perfect and support sustained health and function. 

Options for your one-of-a-kind smile! 

Generally, individuals with some healthy teeth left in their mouth can benefit from removable partial dentures or “partials.” These dentures sit on a framework connecting to the mouth’s remaining teeth. Patients who are missing many or all of their teeth are candidates for full or complete dentures. 

Depending on your needs and following a thorough evaluation and consultation, we may recommend an upper or lower denture. Or, if teeth cannot be saved in either the upper or lower jaws, we can start the process of making both an upper and lower denture. 

When in skilled hands, full dentures should conform to the mouth so well that they “stay put” they don’t shift around when you eat, laugh, or talk. We can also recommend unique products to help to retain a proper fit and ensure stability. Services may be needed over time to adjust the dentures. Relining, rebasing, or replacement help to assure your satisfaction, comfort, and healthy function well into the future. 


Modern options 

We also appreciate that many patients’ perceptions of dentures may need a makeover. Today’s materials for dentures — and the techniques used to plan, design, fabricate and place them — make it impossible for people to tell the difference between “false teeth” and natural, healthy teeth. Gone are the days of worrying about teeth and gums that look fake or plastic. Likewise, our patients love how dentures feel in their mouth and that they get to enjoy their dramatically improved smiles freely – without the fear of embarrassing situations, such as when a denture may slip around while speaking or when eating meals. 

Additionally, Dr. Alexander has the training and onsite capabilities to retrofit existing dentures with dental implants. Dentures secured with one or more implants (“artificial tooth roots”) in the jaw are generally more stable and longer lasting than removable ones. This makes them a great value and investment in yourself! They are also easier to maintain than dentures that require ongoing adjustments at our office. 

Regardless of if you ultimately desire partial or full removable dentures or implant-secured ones, know that Dr. Alexander has successfully transformed many smiles with these durable and lifelike prostheses. We strive to ensure your dentures:

• Fit precisely

• Are easy to wear

• Provide a functional “bite” when chewing 

• Allow for natural and clear speech

• Bring out the natural beauty of your smile

• Last a long time 

• Support a natural feel in the mouth

Do not wait another day to replace, retrofit, or adjust your uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or otherwise unsatisfying dentures! Call (561) 739-4778 immediately to schedule your dentures consultation at the office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, in Boynton Beach, FL.