At our practice, everyone is welcome. No matter your current state of dental health or feelings about your teeth, we are experts at helping move you, as our new patient, down the path to improved dental health, function, and esthetics.

New Patient: First Appointment

You have your choice of the type of first appointment you would like to have with us:

Comprehensive Evaluation—This is a detailed evaluation of teeth, gums, teeth alignment and jaw joint function. You are also screened for oral cancer, and time is reserved so we can have a meaningful conversation about your previous dental experiences, concerns, and goals.

Treatment of Urgent Dental Concern—This is a focused examination and treatment to address a specific area of concern such as pain in a tooth, a broken tooth, inflamed gums, painful jaw muscles, or white lesions or stains on your teeth.

Dental Cleaning, also called a “Dental Prophylaxis”—Many patients want to coordinate an initial cleaning with one of the other types of appointments listed here.

Office Tour —Come tour our office and meet Dr. Alexander and his team with no obligations and no charge.

Second Opinion (Often No Charge)

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New patients come into our practice in a variety of different ways. Through communication with our patient care coordinator, we help assess and appoint the proper type of visits to make sure that visit happens exactly how you want.

Patients can come in for a primary concern, like a chipped tooth or so on.
Other patients come in to get their teeth cleaned and meet our expert hygienist. I always come in to make sure I get a chance to meet all new patients that come into our office.

Other ways patients can come into our practice is for a very thorough examination. Some patients have very, private concerns that have some relatively extensive needs, and what we do is we go through and do a very thorough evaluation to make sure we are addressing all these different concerns.

Last way patients can come into our office for a consultation or second opinion. Our patients have sometimes been given advice by colleagues in the area or are just curious about something they heard or read about online. Their pleasure to go ahead and take a look at these things and offer some clarification or a little education based on these things they’re curious about and give some sound advice.

You Will Be Welcomed By Our Team

Your first contact with our team will be a telephone conversation with Paula and Maritsa, our New Dental Patient Coordinators. Paula and Maritsa will discuss your motivation for contacting our office. They will help establish an initial visit based on your specific desires and needs. Our staff will ensure clarity regarding exactly what will be done in your first visit, how much time you plan on sharing with us, and what the financial obligation will be for that visit (if any).

We know your time and personal finances are important. So we will always be clear about what to expect for each and every visit to our office.

Our team looks forward to having the opportunity to help you love and enjoy your smile. Give us a call for a dental appointment in Delray or Boynton Beach — our office phone number is (561) 739-4778.