Have you had a bad dental experience? Have you been afraid to go to the dentist?Painless dentistry is Dr. Alexander’s mission. With a gentle touch and true concern for our patients’ comfort, Dr. Alexander and his team make his patients’ experiences relaxing.

Dr. Alexander goes to great lengths to invest in dental techniques, products, and equipment that ensure comfortable appointment(s). In our initial visit, we take the time to discuss how we can most comfortably help our patients. We treat all our patients as special individuals and know that everyone has a slightly different preferred method to maintain comfort.

Sedation Options

Dr. Alexander offers sedation medication and nitrous oxidefor those who prefer to have dental exams and/or dental treatment procedures performed while highly relaxed.

“We strive to make every patient feel comfortable with every step of every examination and treatment procedures,” says Dr. Alexander. “We take things slowly, explain everything we are going to do, seek the patient’s permission to continue, and give the patient ways to signal they need a break or that they are feeling uncomfortable. We also offer conscious sedation with a prescribed oral medication and, alternatively, nitrous oxide, which I administer and monitor while the patient is in the chair.”

Virtually Painless Dentistry: Novocain Injections

Dental injections (i.e. shots) are notoriously the most feared part of dental procedures. We take this into consideration and have combined many dental techniques to perform a virtually painless injection.

Different studies show different techniques to give a painless injection. Since each patient is unique, we combine these different methods and use what we would describe as a “staged approach”. This includes using a very strong Novocain gel for 2-4 minutes. We then gently and slowly place just a few drops of a lesser acidic, “gentle Novocain”, and allow it to take effect for 2minutes. The area is comfortably numb at this point so that no pain is felt throughout the area being identified.

Then, we follow up with a slightly “stronger Novocain”, which is also a very gentle, slow delivery. We also use a vibration technique while delivering the Novocain. This is proven to trick our brain into not feeling the injection by interfering with pain signaling to the brain (Gate Control Theory of Pain).

Comfort Items

Comfort items we offer to improve our patient’s experience:

• Pillow(s)

• Blanket(s)

• Heated Neck Pad

• Noise-Cancelling headphones you can use to listen to your music over your smart device

• Lip Moisturizers

• Warm Moist Towelette

• Anti-glare Protective Eyewear

• Pads to rest the jaws while opening for treatment

We are known for providing relaxing dental experiences in a happy place. From the moment you call, Our Team will treat you like a VIP. We invite you to call today.