Full-mouth reconstruction, No case is too complex … everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts!

We at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, understand. When you have numerous oral health problems, the thought of tackling them is overwhelming. It can be a discouraging and daunting proposition, the thought of undergoing potentially complex and costly treatment. Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place for gentle, fear-free, affordable, quality dentistry! From our office in Boynton Beach, Florida, our team has restored many patients’ faith in the dental profession while restoring their oral health, comfort, function, and smile. 

Dr. Alexander welcomes challenging cases. He has developed a special interest in complex restorative care and full mouth restoration or reconstruction. By leveraging more than two decades of clinical experience and advanced post-doctoral training, Dr. Alexander is in the best possible position to complete your smile and achieve truly life-changing results. 

What to expect

Of course, we must speak in generalizations here. But when we actually meet you and partner with you, our team will be noting and accounting for all of the characteristics that add up to your one-of-a-kind self throughout the treatment process. To arrive at the best treatment plan, Dr. Alexander will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic “work-up.” As our fearless leader puts it, he wants to “understand all of the circumstances of your special mouth.” 

During that initial phase of treatment, he focuses on resolving active dental and periodontal (gum) disease. Next, patients should largely expect to enter the “management” or follow-up phase. We need to get your mouth to a healthy point or state and ensure that it is free of disease and any other threats that could stand in the way of the long-term health of your restored mouth. We then focus on achieving optimal results that exceed our patients’ expectations. We do this by coordinating phases of treatment. We are very strategic. We strive to be among the highest quality, yet most affordable, dental practices in southeastern Florida. With this mission at heart, the specific services or procedures you need next are timed out to achieve optimal treatment outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Services that add up to whole-mouth rehab 

We have myriad options to restore your smile and healthy function fully. Procedures that you may need and that may be in your future include: 

• Periodontal therapies to fight gum disease 

• Tooth-colored composite dental fillings for healthy, highly cosmetic cavity repair

• Dental bonding to quickly and affordably disguise cosmetic imperfections

• Root canal therapy to “save” deeply infected or inflamed teeth 

• Dental crowns to cover up and protect damaged teeth

• Extractions or removal of irreparably damaged teeth 

• Dental bridges to replace one or some missing teeth 

• Removable partial dentures and complete dentures 

• Dental implant-retained crowns, bridges, and dentures

• Bite splint therapy to address TMJD symptoms and muscle pain 

• Orthodontic treatments for bite imbalances and dental misalignment

• Professional teeth whitening 

• Porcelain veneers to strengthen worn teeth, cover up flaws such as chips 

We fully explain the why and how of each procedure. That way, you are fully aware of what is ahead. We provide this information to aid in making decisions that are in the best interests of your long-term health and well-being. You will never be pressured into high-dollar services or treatments. We are committed to transparency and being honest and forthright at all times. Since we understand that cost is a valid concern, we are happy to discuss ways to complete treatment in phases. This helps to stretch the total cost over time. Treatment can even be affordably financed! 

Furthermore, Dr. Alexander provides a no-fee initial consultation. We just want to get to know you. For more information on the process, we encourage you to visit our “new patient information” page in this website’s “Services” section. 

The office of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S., PA, also welcomes any questions you may have about treatment. Call (561) 739-4778 to reach our team in Boynton Beach, FL, or to schedule your free consult today.