Advanced Education in Dentistry

Dr. Alexander’s exceptional training includes continuous advanced education in the field of dental care.

The Pankey Institute  Dr. Alexander’s training and intense conversations with colleagues at The Pankey Institute, in Key Biscayne, Florida, have transformed his practice and touched his patients in many ways. Since 1969, The Pankey Foundation has provided a world-class learning experience via the Institute. This is the place where dentists, who aspire to provide individualized, comprehensive dentistry, become equipped with the behavioral and advanced clinical knowledge they need to be their best for their patients.

If you wonder where dentists learn about the complexity of TMJ/TMD diagnosis and predictable treatment, The Pankey Institute is one of the few places, and Dr. Alexander threw himself into intensive learning about mastering occlusal concepts, so he could help patients who were in pain.

University of Florida Mini-Residency in Craniofacial Pain – Going the extra mile, Dr. Alexander commuted to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida to learn alongside Dr. Henry Gremillion, one the nation’s foremost authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial pain. There, he learned about the many types of orofacial pain.

Dr. Alexander has also traveled as far as his alma mater, The University of Michigan, to attend postgraduate courses – with the goal of better helping the patients in his practice with special health concerns.

Continuing to Improve for You

Two to three times a month, Dr. Alexander attends more than one dental study club in the Boynton Beach area. In the study clubs he belongs to, he learns alongside the specialists he works with to collaboratively plan treatment and care for patients whose treatment will involve oral surgery, dental implants, orthodontics, IV sedation, or advanced endodontics, periodontics, and radiography. He has been a member of the Spear Study Clubs since 2010 and a member of the Seattle Study Club since 2004.

“The study clubs are an interactive experience, where I study and learn alongside the best and brightest in the area,” says Dr. Alexander. “I am involved in study clubs with each specialist I work with. This aids our communication and allows us to see how each other looks at a particular set of oral health conditions and patient cases. We jointly diagnose and plan care in many case scenarios. It’s a truly interactive learning experience.”

Aiming to Always Improve the Patient Experience – Not only has he studied to develop as a clinician in the afore-mentioned institutions and study clubs, but also to develop his practice systems, behaviors, and communication with patients. With the goal of improving the patient experience, he has been a part of The ACT Dental Coaching Program and learned from the ACT Dental consultants.

Now recognized as a dentist who achieves best outcomes for his patients and communicates not only exceptionally well with them but also with the interdisciplinary dental specialists he collaborates with, Dr. Alexander has been asked to be a consultant with Patient Prism. Through video conversations, he is inspiring other dentists to become lifetime learners and obtain advanced education. He encourages them to aspire to be their best for their patients.

“I love what I do and serving others, so my aspiration to learn will never end.”
–Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S.