Life moves at two speeds these days: busy and crazy busy! At either rate, we are always dedicated to making your experience with dental help as comfortable and easy as possible. The motto here is, “Let’s Make It Easy!”

Dental Help: Easy and On Time

Your time is extremely valuable and we do not take this for granted. We have multiple systems in place in our office to ensure your appointments start and end on time.


We want you to feel prepared and well informed about your scheduled appointment. We go to great lengths to ensure you fully understand:

• The procedure(s) being performed,

• The scheduled time for the appointment, and appointment length, and

• Any “out of pocket” expenses for your visit.


We know that traditional methods of communication are changing in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Our dental help practice utilizes a cutting-edge patient communication system providing easy and secure email or text messaging. We use this system for simple, “one-touch” appointment reminder confirmation, as well as an alternative method of reaching out about any appointment changes.

Important to You

We always address our patient’s primary concerns as a priority. Once satisfied and comfortable, we typically recommend a comprehensive evaluation to assess overall dental health.

Dental Help: Insurance and Payment Options

We want your quality dental care to be affordable. We work to help our patients understand their dental insurance benefits and how their benefits will work in our office. Additionally, we make sure any “out-of-pocket” expenses are understood and are clearly explained in “plain English.” We want to be completely transparent so that you can be assured you are getting the care that you need and deserve. In some situations, we even help co-create a payment plan with our patients so that needed care can be attained. Give us a call at (561) 739-4778  to talk to an experienced staff member about your payment options!

Making dental visits easier at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S

Making dental visits easier at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S
A dentist visit shouldn't be a hassle interfering with our busy lives but simply an appointment that helps us with a solution to our troubles. Watch this video with Dr. Jamie Aleander explaining how at Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S. makes dental visits quick, easy, and convenient.

Everybody today is super busy; I know that between family, kids, and work, we’re all busy, and we don’t have time to sit around and wait.

We work very hard to stay on time in our practice. Nothing’s more frustrating than going to a doctor or dentist and be sitting around for 20-30 minutes. Nobody has time for that, so we work very hard to stay on time.

Another thing that we do to make things as easy as we can for our patients is we communicate digitally.

We send reminders, we communicate by virtue of e-mail and text as well as telephone, of course, and a lot of our patients today find it’s easier to shoot a text and not have to play phone tag with an office to communicate about the need for a visit or to confirm an appointment visit.

The last thing we do that is very important is to stay clear about our patients’ visits.

There’s nothing more frustrating than going into an office and not to know what you’re going there for and exactly know how long it’s going to take, if you’re going to have to be numb from novocaine, or know how much that appointment will cost.

So what we do is we do a pit stop, and when a pit stop is, we make sure it’s very clear that our patients know, as well as every team member who knows exactly what procedure is going to be happening, what day that procedure is going take place and exactly the time and cost for that visit.

We do that before and after every visit, which relieves a lot of anxiety for many of our patients, knowing exactly what’s going to happen.

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